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Personality, culture, history, and art are woven into the vintage material that Georganne Alex has chosen for her line of accessories and clothing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in her use of the Japanese kimono, a primary source for inspiration and design in Georganne’s work.

“Every time I unroll a kimono or take apart a garment to reuse, I am inspired by the texture, color and story the garment tells. For instance a kimono can reference a person’s age, gender, and class, as well as the season and occasions on which it was worn. I believe something of the original wearer’s soul has been imbedded into each garment”.

Her years spent as a Marriage and Family Therapist have given Georganne a unique perspective on social and personal relationships. “Much is revealed by what a person wears and how they put it together”, she believes.

“In addition to the inspiration drawn from old garments collected with care, I am often inspired by the natural world. Color combinations, the juxtaposition of textures woven together, hidden compartments and fastenings have all been inspired by nature and translated into my work.”



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"In the process of weaving recycled fabrics to create a new material, there is a satisfaction in creating new from old- the excitement comes from seeing and feeling fresh patterns, textures, and colors emerge, as the various fabrics unite" GEORGANNE ALEX

Georganne began weaving in 1982 and has continued to perfect and expand her craft since that time. She practices both on-loom and off-loom weaving which makes her work a fusion of techniques as well as fabrications. Believing in a healthy environment, she enjoys working with existing materials from previously worn garments because it is an “ecologically responsible way to design”.


She continues to explore and experiment with new design methods to create both aesthetic and environmentally sensitive results. Georganne looks forward to exploring new possibilities while continuing to stay in the world of recycled textiles.



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