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Various strips of kimono fabric, folded, pressed and stitched in place.

The uniqueness of this purse comes from the combination of pieces of Japanese kimono textiles to form a new textile.

The fusion of my western aesthetic and the aesthetic of an unknown  (to me), 

Japanese textile designer, inspires me to explore further.


The purse was designed to hold credit card, money, sunglasses and car keys.

 Light in weight, and easy to wear while the large tote or purse is left in the car. Perfect for daytime or nighttime wearing.

52” cord,  5” x 8” 1” button closure


 Years ago a friend introduced me to a form of ribbon weaving. I loved how one simple color when combined with others became so much more. Combining kimono textiles with their varying colors and patterns,

changing new to old, the fusion of East and West all go into the creation of the Woven purse.

52” braided cord, 7” x 8.5”, zipper closure


It is a pleasure not to use a zipper or a snap on a purse.

The simple action of tucking the top flap of this purse under the woven band is a pleasure.

52” braided cord, 8” x 10”, woven flap closure


 I have respect for our climate. I remember the first time that I saw a film illustrating the massive amounts of textiles that wash up on shores in other countries. There is floor scrap waste that occurs with working with textiles.

What can one do to lessen the waste?


I asked a machinist in town if he would place an order for  a shredder from the UK. 

He did, set it up for me, and so began my exploration of shredded floor waste.

It feels like painting with textiles and I play with the different colors and textures.

52” braided cord, 7” x 8.5”, zipper closure 

Shredded w_strap.tiff
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